In the age of social media, the comparison trap is bigger and badder than ever. We are able to see what other entrepreneurs are up to every second of the day – all in the palm of our hands. It can be easy to get sucked into the mindless scroll of other successful businesses and artists, forgetting that everything on social media is truly a highlight reel and not the real nitty gritty and hard work of running an online business. If you find yourself losing confidence and thinking negative thoughts, it may be time to get out of the comparison trap.

Take Tech Breaks

My top tip is to take technology and social media breaks. Again, this is the biggest culprit for keeping us in the comparison trap. Even though there is lots of joy, community, and growth on social media for your business, it’s also important to unplug for possibly one day per week, especially when it starts to make you feel bad about yourself or your work. Set time aside for engaging with your audience, finding inspiration, and posting content, but avoid scrolling, especially if you’re not in a positive mindset.

Focus On Your Unique Offerings

What makes you shine? What makes you stand out? What makes you different? Focus on your specific and unique offerings, and make it a goal to make those parts of your business even better. If there are some parts of your business that you struggle with (and compare to others), delegate or outsource those tasks to get the support that you really need. When you focus on your natural gifts, it’s easy to feel confident about where you are in your business.

Take Action

Sometimes when we fall into the comparison trap, it can lead to business paralysis. We want our content and offerings to be perfect (just like we think our competition is) causing us to just not do anything. Everything you do in business is not going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Strive to always offer your best and don’t let your competition stop you from taking action.

Making comparisons is a completely natural thing to do, especially as entrepreneurs. We look to others for inspiration, guidance, and friendship, which is great! It only becomes detrimental when it is hindering your own growth, passion, and happiness. Always remember that you and your business are unique and beautiful – that mindset will always lead to success! 

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