Have you ever considered cleaning up your email list? While a large email list may seem like a sign of success, an engaged list is really what matters the most. In fact, inactive subscribers can impact open rates, and if those rates drop low enough, internet service providers can start to classify your emails as spam. Let’s walk through step-by-step how to clean out your inactive subscribers and re-engage your email list.

  1. Segment them out – The first step is to identify the inactive subscribers on your list. Segment out any subscriber who hasn’t opened one of your campaigns in 12 months. This is incredibly powerful because you can now take a personalized approach to reengage them.


  2. Send an email campaign – Next, it’s time to send an email that interests them and gets them back to being an active subscriber. This is when you’ll put your best foot forward in terms of timing, subject line, and content. A great way to pull a customer back in is to offer a freebie or other incentive to stay on your mailing list – “click here to grab my free guide and to continue receiving my emails!” This is your last chance to impress, so this email campaign should be something valuable.

  3. Watch the stats – Now, it’s time to sit back and see what happens! Even if you get a few subscribers to engage with your content and remain on your list, that is worthwhile. Hopefully, they’ll continue to open your emails going forward.

  4. Time to clean house – If your inactive subscribers don’t open your email or engage with your content, it’s time to say goodbye and remove them from the list. While it may seem counterintuitive to take people off of your list, it is really beneficial in the long run for your marketing efforts. The performance and engagement of your list will improve along with your open rates. 

Now that you’ve cleaned up your email list, it’s time to create quality content to help avoid inactive subscribers in the future. Make sure you are communicating effectively and using your mailing list to its fullest potential. Consider creating a nurture email sequence, welcome series, evergreen series, or some other automated email sequence to keep your list engaged and invested in your business. 

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