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Hi, I’m Cheri, an online business manager and marketing strategist, and I have a passion for helping you run your service-based online business with more ease while also helping you scale your income and impact.

Are you overwhelmed by your business? Are you feeling disorganized, stressed, and out of sync?

If so, I can help take the pressure off and help you get back to finding your flow.

Running and growing an online business isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes work, but I’ve seen firsthand just how sweet the fruits of that labour can be, and I want to help you turn your skills and passion for helping others into a thriving and scalable online business.

Let me help you start or grow your membership site

One of my biggest passions is helping my clients set up and grow their membership sites (in fact I helped one for the first time back in 2009!). I work with my clients to take their knowledge and turn it into a user-friendly and beautiful online learning platform.

By setting up a membership site, you have the ability to take what you know and use it to reach more people, while also scaling your income.

With over 18 years of experience in online business, there isn’t much I haven’t seen…

I started my own online business on a shoestring budget while at home with my kids. I felt financially insecure, trapped and alone. But month after month, and year after year, it grew, and I’ve gotten to be a hands-on part of others doing the same.

Some of my experience includes…
  • Strategy and implementation of digital marketing initiatives and workflow for end-to-end customer experience
  • Subscription/membership program development, setup, marketing, and launch
  • Online classroom development, course planning and design, including downloadable resources design
  • Technical setup of opt-in forms for lead magnets, tripwires, sales pages, sales funnels, and checkout process
  • Regular content generation and syndication 
  • Podcast editing and production including intro/outro design, artwork creation, and distribution to podcast directories
  • Technical setup, planning and promotion of webinars
  • Auditing business operations, identifying risks, process improvement and optimization
  • WordPress site development and plugin management
  • 18 years experience in web development; currently using WordPress, HTML, and CSS
  • Graphics design for both web and print
What my clients say about me…
I’m at a business conference now and had the chance to reflect on how far I’ve come in the past 5 years – and that lead me to think of you.

I remember meeting you at Second Cup and one of my biggest goals was to get a newsletter out regularly!! I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me to help me build/create such a solid foundation for my business with such reliable systems and processes – many of which are still in place today (Google Drive, Asana, Infusionsoft).

Your organization skills, ability to be detail focused and handle so many different tasks at once was the answer to my prayers as those things weren’t my strong suit.

I relied on you so completely to handle big projects like the Energy To Thrive Magazine and trusted you implicitly to make decisions on my behalf.

The tech stuff always overwhelmed me – landing pages, thank you pages, making sure people were tagged correctly, having the sequences set up properly, and ensuring proper fulfillment were all things that I relied on you for and you excelled at doing.

So, this is late getting to you, but thank you.

Jennifer Powter

Fitness & Weight Loss Coach, Jennifer Powter Coaching

Cheri has been working on my team for several months now and she is an incredible asset to my team. She has done an amazing job helping me implement sales funnels, creating an online store for my products, and marketing my online business.

One of Cheri’s long list of strengths is her ability to take anything you throw at her.

She knows how to do just about everything I ask her to tackle (and is familiar with all the software). She is the first VA I’ve worked with that is able to proficiently complete tasks without the need for constant direction.

Cheri is a self-motivated, incredibly reliable, detail oriented, and caring Virtual Assistant and any company would be incredibly lucky to have her on their team.

Stephanie Mackenzie

Marketing & Visibility Coach, Sincerely Stephanie Melissa

Cheri has worked as a digital strategist for my company for over 3 years. Before I hired Cheri, all of my systems were in disarray and financially I was not using money efficiently. Cheri came on, did a company audit and identified which platforms I needed to use to facilitate smoother invoicing, conference capabilities and communication platforms. She implemented the most economical ways for my company to operate.

Once the company was running competently, she targeted weekly strategies to grow clients, engage related audiences and focus on the brand’s platform.

One of Cheri’s strengths is making what feels like a daunting task bite size. She sees the big picture and keeps us on track with timelines and accountability.

Along with being extremely thorough, Cheri points out where the team should spend their energy. Her design skills, as well as her knowledge of the back-end processes, is extremely valuable for projects to be done right the first time. She also advocates for simple strategies in SEO that have proven to be targeted and productive.

In short, Cheri is a valuable asset to any team.

Her skill set is extremely vast as a digital strategist and if she doesn’t know something she learns it fast and implements what makes sense for our systems. Cheri’s passion, kind and patient personality for growing my business always keeps me trusting and hopeful.

Di Ana Pisarri

Life Coach, Di Ana Pisarri Coaching

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