Finally, a supportive, like-minded community for Creatives, Makers, and Coaches that reveals the pathway to… 

Easier Sales for Online Artists Who Want to Create Art They Love While Making a Living

(using a trusted, tried-and-true, guided step-by-step roadmap so you can spend your time creating and teaching others to do the same)

Are you ready to earn more through a membership community?

(while spending LESS time selling and more time creating!)

As an online creative, selling your art and services may be taking up a lot more time than you’d like.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

You CAN spend more time creating and less time selling… all while bringing in MORE income than you are right now. It IS possible… And that’s where an online membership community comes in. 

You have the skills and the know-how. 

You might even be thinking about the people you KNOW who would be interested in learning how to create art like you do.

But making more money through an online membership might seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and you don’t even want to THINK about the technical, nitty-gritty side.

You want to CREATE art, not learn how to connect a website to a sales page to a funnel to an email list to a membership platform…

Maybe you’ve even tried to do everything on your own or you’ve enlisted a friend to help you with the backend of your site, but you wonder if there’s a better, more efficient way to make it work.

It’s a lot to think about. It’s a lot to learn. It’s even MORE overwhelming to think about doing it on your own without a guide and without something that’s been tested.

And MOST online creatives that try to do it on their own or with the help of a well-meaning friend or relative stop right there.

Many creatives QUIT. 

Before the idea becomes a reality… Before that first dollar is made… Or before consistent, reliable income starts to come in… 

But YOU don’t have to. 

You’re an artist. A creator. A maker. A coach.

You shouldn’t have to guess your way through the technical side of your business just to connect with your community and earn a living. 

And now, you don’t have to.

The Launch Formula for Creative Memberships

I was introduced to Cheri at a time when I was desperately in need of a change and technical support.

Her technical expertise is extraordinary and she is easily able to explain things to my non-tech brain…

Her website knowledge, tech knowledge, and customer service (as well as her services) have been exceptional.

With Cheri’s help and management, my business has exploded. In the first month, my membership grew by 348%!

Cindy Manly

Art Shattered

Who is Cheri and How Can She Help?

Cheri Dufresne is the Marketing and Membership Operations Expert that can help you make sales faster and easier through her proven system.

She has helped many creatives and business owners just like you build their membership communities. Her clients go from overwhelmed to overjoyed when they realize they can make a living with their art and increase their income through a membership community…

Because with Cheri they get a guided, step-by-step path that WORKS.

Regardless of the niche…
Without trudging through confusing social media platform updates or a sea of software tool choices—an expensive, time-consuming, and mistake-laden minefield for the self-taught…
And without getting so frustrated that you put your passion project on hold—maybe even indefinitely.

Many of her clients come to her to grow their community,

but end up getting what they really want and need…

Time. The headspace to create. Reduced overwhelm.

They realize HOW MUCH the tech side was stressing them out and reducing their ability to focus on what they love—creating.

Cheri’s clients trust her because she is genuine—they know she truly cares about their business and will go to great lengths to ensure its success.

She helps her clients build their membership communities in a variety of industries, including artists who paint, draw, letter, work with glass, create floral arrangements, and teach fine arts to children.

With her business degree and over a decade of firsthand membership community experience, Cheri considers how every little decision will affect the big picture, long-term goals of her client’s businesses to ensure every aspect is as fine-tuned as possible.

Nearly 99% of Cheri’s clients are referral-based, proving she is and can be trusted by all who choose to allow her to help them build their business.

Cheri is so easy to work with and really makes this experience run smoothly. She made sure we had all the emails, and landing pages ready to go and provided support all the way through the process.

She is an invaluable member of our team with opt-ins and challenges.

Best of all, she makes my life so much easier as I get to play with flowers and don’t need to worry about all the tech things that need to happen behind the scenes. I highly recommend her!


Kelea's Design School

You CAN Scale Your Creative Business Through Your Membership Community

(without wasting time on the overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing tech so you can get back to doing what you love — creating and helping others create)

Cheri will help you grow your community membership and she’ll do it without bogging you down with details or overwhelming you with tech.

Ready to get started? Join her membership filled with coaches, creatives, and marketers running a business like you who want to earn more while teaching people what they love.