There are countless creative entrepreneurs who have done what you are doing (and some that have some amazing advice for you!) Reading books by other entrepreneurs can help you learn those crucial lessons and maybe see things from a whole new perspective. Each of these authors is a little different, but they all have something important to say – and it may teach you a thing or two about having a successful creative business.

Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones – by James Clear

This book isn’t necessarily about starting and running a successful business, but still, it’s an important book for all business owners to read. James Clear, an author, trainer, and speaker, teaches a framework for how to set and maintain good habits. His book will teach you how to make time for new habits, overcome a lack of motivation, design your environment for success, and get back on track when you lose your footing. If you think your business is being held back by bad habits, this may just be the book to help you reach your goals in your creative business.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a must-read for any creative entrepreneur because it really focuses on creativity, the creative process, and inspiration. You’ll learn how to embrace your curiosity, how to face down what you most fear, and the attitudes, approaches, and habits you need in order to live your most creative life. Gilbert’s philosophy of living “beyond fear”  is freeing and you’ll be reminded of why you became an artist in the first place – to enjoy the ride. If fear is something that tends to hold you back in your business, this book will give you a whole new perspective on inviting fear in and not letting it consume you. 

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur – by Carrie Green

Carrie Green started her first online business at the age of 20, so she knows the challenges of starting and running a business, including the fears, confusion, and blocks that creative entrepreneurs may face. She also knows what it’s like to have big dreams and determination. Her book has tons of guidance and powerful exercises to help you get clear on your vision, move past the fears and doubts, and build an audience of raving fans and customers. This book provides the blueprint for getting your creative business off the ground and making it successful. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and read some insightful advice from creatives and entrepreneurs who have come before you. Some of these books could be life-changing for both yourself and your business. Whether you just need to learn how to establish some good habits or you need a step-by-step guide to launching your online business, you’ll find something valuable from any of these picks.

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