Creating art is one of life’s greatest joys. Something equally, if not more rewarding, is helping others along on their art journey too. You have the opportunity to share your creative knowledge and explain your processes to the world. You also have the opportunity to help your audience overcome their fears and challenges. Here are some of the most common creative barriers that you can help your audience overcome so that they can grow to be the best artists they can be! 

Fear of Failure

This is probably the most common barrier that your audience experiences. Being afraid to fail or make a mistake is very normal when trying something new. Never assume that your audience is full of experts – take time to explain things slowly and answer questions. Be patient with your customers who may be fearful. Make sure to share your own fears and your own art fails to make your audience feel even more comfortable.

Allowing Outside Influences to Stunt Growth

The comparison game can be detrimental in the art world. An unkind remark or criticism from others can be crushing, and can even lead someone to stop creating altogether. Encourage your audience to be proud of their pieces, regardless of others’ opinions. Teach them to love what they do and to just do their best. If you have a Facebook group or membership community, make sure that it includes positive commentary only!

Unease of Something New

Another creative barrier that can be difficult to overcome is the unease of trying something new. Many artists can feel fearful to use a new type of material or tool. They might be apprehensive to participate in a different kind of challenge or class. Reassure your audience that there are lots of newbies in your community and they won’t be alone! 

As an online artist offering memberships and classes, you have the power to help others overcome their creative barriers. Help your customers with their fears and you’ll become an expert in your field, building trust and authority with your audience. 

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