It’s hard to find time to run a creative business, manage an inbox, and be consistent with social media – how is it possible to find time to actually launch a membership? This is probably one of the most common reasons holding creatives back from taking that next step to grow and scale. There are several practical tips you can start to implement to create the time to prioritize your launch and finally make it happen. 

Look at Where You’re Spending Your Time

In order to understand where you might be spending your time, it’s a good idea to start tracking it. Track everything you work on for one week. You might be surprised thinking that you’re only spending 10 minutes on social media, when in reality it’s actually taking you over an hour to post your content (and then get distracted on the platform.) After looking at your week of tracked time, ask yourself, “Are these tasks more important than launching my membership?” If the answer is no, then you know that you need to make some changes in your schedule.

Outsource Tasks

There is nothing wrong with asking for help! Even if you can do a certain task (and even if you’re good at it), if it’s taking up too much of your time, it may be a good idea to outsource it. There are so many talented virtual assistants, copywriters, online business managers, and graphic designers that would love to work with you. Take a look at your personal tasks too, like cleaning your home or meal planning – hire a cleaner or sign up for a meal delivery service. Even taking just one or two of these tasks off of your plate may be all you need to launch your membership. 

Time Blocking in Your Schedule

Is it possible for you to block out time in your schedule to make your launch a priority? Maybe set aside one hour at the start of your day to dedicate to getting your launch tasks taken care of. If you struggle with accountability, consider joining a coaching program or membership for creatives, like The Launch Formula for Creative Memberships so that you can stay on track with growing and scaling your business in a community with other entrepreneurs. 

Launching a membership does require some time, planning, and strategy. In the beginning, it can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t started anything yet. Once you start to take action and prioritize your launch, you’ll find that meeting your goals becomes easier and more exciting. 

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