For those new to the marketing world, you may hear the term “conversion rate” and have no idea what it is, what it measures, or why it matters for your online business. A conversion is the moment when someone has chosen and completed the action that you wanted them to do – aka your goal! This could be anything from opening an email you sent to registering for your event to joining your membership. 

To calculate your conversion rate, you take the number of people who interacted with your content divided by the actual number of people who successfully responded. Why is this important to know? Because your conversation rate is one of the most useful and accurate metrics for determining if your marketing efforts are working or not working. The higher your conversion rate, the more effective your content is! 

If your conversion rate is not where you would like it, there are always things to do to improve! Here are my three favorite ways to get your conversation rate up – try a few, do some testing, and see what works.

Add Customer Testimonials

Countless studies have shown that customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations – and it makes sense! Testimonials show that you have strong customer service skills, happy members, and a valuable product. Add testimonials to your landing pages, website, email newsletters, or wherever you are marketing your business. You can even create testimonial posts for your social media platforms to showcase some of your work. 

Use Dynamic Language

Look at the language you are using in your calls to action. Use active words like “buy”, “join”, or “sign up” to inspire your customers to do something. Another great way to boost your conversion rate is to phrase your call-to-action buttons or links from your customer’s perspective – like “Yes, I want to join!” or “Save my spot!” This simple language usage technique can help excite your customer and make them feel connected to you and your business.

Remove Distractions

If your website or landing page has lots of extra links or too many calls to action, it may be distracting or confusing for your customer. This doesn’t mean oversimplifying everything, but it does help to have clear buttons and links and one main call to action. You want to make the conversion as easy as possible for your customer!

First impressions are everything, and you want to make the best one for each person that interacts with your content. Improving your conversion rate can help you predict your customers’ behavior and understand what is working and not working for your business – which is super valuable information! If you’re not happy with your conversion rate, try some of these tips and then test to see which one is working best for you.

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