Launching a membership or even starting a creative business can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to content. Nowadays, business owners are generating new content daily, and it may leave you wondering how you’ll be able to come up with new art projects for your members or interesting content for your social media feeds. Instead of taking it all on yourself, the key is to look towards your audience to easily generate content ideas for you.

Survey Your Audience

It might sound simple, but just ask your audience what they would like from you! You can send an annual email survey asking easy questions like “What would you like to see me offer?” or “What would you like more of in my membership?” You can also ask open-ended questions on your social media to strike up conversations in your DMs. Think about asking informative questions in your Instagram stories, such as “What would you like to learn?” or “What have you always wanted to create?” 

Include Questions in Your Marketing Emails

In your email nurture sequence or any marketing email you send out, you can easily include a quick question at the end. It can be as simple as “PS – Hit reply and let me know what you would love to learn from me next!” You’d be surprised how many people actually will respond to your email and let you know exactly what content they are looking for!

Get on a 1:1 Zoom Call 

Think of your five most engaged followers – these are the people who always respond to your emails or comment on your social media posts. Set up a one-on-one Zoom call with each of them and do a little brainstorming session together. Ask them questions like: “What challenges you the most?” “What would you like to learn from me?” “What holds you back from creating?” Try to get to their pain points, and then use those pain points to come up with content solutions.

The simplest way to generate new content ideas is just to listen to your audience. Give the people what they want! Pay attention to their comments on social media and then keep those thoughts organized. It’s a good idea to use your Notes app or a Google doc to throw content ideas in so you always have them handy. Once you have a substantial collection of content ideas, you’ll always have something valuable to share!

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