Did you know that 80% of brands worldwide rely on affiliate marketing? If you’ve never heard of this type of marketing, it involves using your past or current customers to market your business in exchange for monetary compensation, usually a portion of the sale. It’s basically a risk-free way to boost your business and generate sales. I’ve compiled my top four reasons to consider affiliate programs for your creative business.

Low Start-up Cost

When compared to the cost of advertising or other major marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing is very cost-effective because it requires little to no start-up cost. The most work you’ll really have to put in involves vetting and selecting your affiliates, otherwise they are doing all of the work for you. Since it’s a commission-based type of marketing, you only need to pay your affiliates for the sales they bring in. 

Reach a Broader Target Audience

Since your affiliates resonate with you and your business, it’s likely that their audience resonates with you as well. This ensures you are reaching those that will find your business useful and valuable. These new audiences may not have been as easy to reach using other marketing and advertising efforts. 

Grow Brand Awareness

One of your biggest goals as an online business is to be easily recognizable. As your affiliates drive more sales and traffic to your website, your brand will become more and more popular. Your reach and audience will increase and you’ll soon become the go-to in your particular field. 

Consumers Trust Influencers

The bottom line: your audience trusts Influencers. Before you purchase something, do you read countless reviews from others to make sure the product is a good one? That same mentality works here. It is reported that 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of Influencers. 

Affiliate marketing is a flexible way to drive sales that is cost-effective, easy to execute, and boosts your brand and business. It’s really a win-win situation – you are able to partner with and reward past and current customers and you’re able to grow your business in a new and effective way. 

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