Customer support is at the center of your membership experience. In fact, 90% of people use customer service as a factor to decide whether or not to purchase from a business. With that in mind, it’s essential to make sure you are providing excellent customer service to your members. If you find yourself struggling with this area of your online business or you need to streamline some of your processes, consider the following tips on how to keep your members happy.

Create a Welcome Video

One way to make your members’ experience even easier when they first join is to send a welcome video. This can include a tour of your platform or classroom, how to access everything step-by-step, and any other information they need to know. This orientation video can be helpful in fielding some of those simple questions that will pop up when they first start navigating their new membership. 

Make a Detailed FAQ Section

Consider putting together an all-encompassing FAQ section with questions that tend to come up time and time again. This could include simple questions like “Where can I update my credit card information?” to “Where can I find past lessons?” It’s a good idea to put your FAQ section on your contact page so members can easily find their answers without ever having to reach out. Having a search feature for your FAQs can make the experience even faster. 

Outsource Your Customer Service

If you find yourself constantly responding to your members’ inquiries and answering questions, consider outsourcing your customer service tasks to an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant. This way you can focus on creating your membership content – the part you love! Get a good system in place for cancellations, refunds, and responses so you can easily hand over the reins. 

In order to retain members and have happy customers, you need to provide quality customer support in a friendly and timely manner. Streamline some of these tasks by creating helpful resources like a welcome video or FAQ section with detailed questions and answers. If you find yourself struggling with fielding inquiries, it’s worthwhile to hire help and get some support for yourself from an OBM or VA. Good customer service can truly make all the difference in your members’ experience. 

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