Think of your audience as being on a journey with you – they’ve found you, they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, and now they’re on your mailing list. What comes next? The perfect email nurture sequence! This is where you build lots of trust and authority with your subscribers so that when it’s open cart time, they are hyped and ready to buy from you. There are several components that make up a great nurture sequence, and we’ll be diving into each one.

The Welcome Email

Your welcome email needs to pack a punch. It typically has the highest open rate because it includes your freebie, so you want to make the best first impression with it. You could use this email to introduce yourself, share the most important aspects of your business and what you create, and give a simple call to action. You could have them join your Facebook group or follow you on Instagram – just something to keep them connected and engaged with you. Include a quick PS at the bottom to look out for your next email with something valuable included. 

The Email Sequence

Your nurture sequence should include lots of value, rather than be all about the sales pitch (That comes at the end!) This is all about nurturing your audience, hence the name. You could send them past workshops with exclusive tips and helpful information. You could also share information about your techniques, favorite supplies, or short, easy tutorials. Most people’s inboxes are inundated with marketing emails, so each email needs to add some kind of value to your subscriber’s life. You want them to stick around! 

The Sales Pitch

Your last few emails (or just the last email) should point your subscribers towards your membership or product. You can either prompt your audience to get on your waitlist or to purchase your membership. If you have been consistently providing value in your email, you won’t come off “salesy” – you’re just providing another helpful solution to their problem. The nurture sequence has built up your trust and authority, and now they should be open and happy to purchase from you.

Your audience is the most important piece of your business. If you help them succeed, they will help you succeed. Creating a nurture sequence that provides lots of value, helpful tips, and freebies will build that relationship between you and your audience. Once that relationship is established, you can offer your membership and they’ll be excited to join you! 

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