As a creative business owner, it might be difficult to decide which content is free and which is paid. Should you offer your new project as a free workshop in your public Facebook group or should you save it for your paid membership? The main takeaway here is that free content is shorter and less detailed and paid content provides lots of value and is something that your audience would be willing to pay for. Here are some other questions to ask yourself when making your decision.

  • Is your content highly valuable? Think about if this piece of content is solving your audience’s main problem. If so, it would be more valuable to them, therefore this would be paid content. 

  • How complete is your content? In other words, how long is it? If you’re offering a short 10-minute tutorial on how to do a simple project, this would be classified as free content. However, if you have an hour-long workshop with detailed instructions and a supply list, this would definitely be paid content. The work you put in will determine how much value your content will provide your audience.

  • Is this content exclusive? If your piece of content is exclusive to you and only you, then you should charge for it. However, if this content is something that they could find on the Internet for free, then they would not be willing to pay for it. Take the time and effort to offer unique and exclusive content to motivate your audience to join your membership.

  • Is your content for your target audience? Content that is targeted toward your specific audience will have a higher chance of attracting paying customers. However, if the content is generally pretty similar to membership sites in your niche, then they will come to you to grab it for free. 

When trying to decide if a particular piece of content should be free or paid, it helps to answer some of these questions. The main factor to consider is how unique and exclusive the content is for your audience. If they can get it for free elsewhere, it might not be a great idea to charge for it. Focus on providing premium content for your paying members, and then offer broad or generic content without all of the details to your free audience. 

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