Your Instagram followers are more than just a number on your profile, they are your target audience. You are showing up for, providing value for, and creating a community for these people. In short, growing your Instagram following increases traffic to your website, helps you make more sales, and can grow your business in big ways. With all of the changes happening on platforms weekly (sometimes daily!), here are some of my best tips for keeping up with your Instagram and attracting new followers.

Create Instagram Reels

Now is the time to jump into the Reels game! If you’re not sharing Reels, you are missing out on a big opportunity to reach new people and increase your following. For users scrolling the Reel feed, they are seeing content from people they follow, but also lots and lots of content from people they do not follow. This means your Reels can reach new users, which increases your engagement and follower count. Experiment with trending sounds, create a quick timelapse of your current art project, or show a before and after of your most recent piece. 

Spend Time Doing Hashtag Research

Instagram hashtags are one of the biggest ways to grow your audience. According to Later, the reach rate of an Instagram post increases by 11% when you use hashtags. Use a variety of hashtags in your posts – see which ones work for you and which ones don’t. Make sure to use different sets of hashtags in every post to keep reaching new accounts. As you use hashtags, you’ll start to see trends and understand what your audience is searching for and following.

Be Consistent & Schedule Your Content

Consistency is the key to growing on Instagram. No matter how much engagement you’re receiving or what your follower count is – just keep posting! While it’s important to post often, it’s also important to post quality content too. The motto “quality over quantity” still applies here. Scheduling posts is an easy way to make sure you are posting consistently and ensuring that your content is high quality. 

Instagram may sometimes feel like this ever-evolving platform that you just can’t seem to master, but with these tips and a little bit of consistency, you should start to see some positive results. It’s all a combination of trying out new trends like Reels, creating quality content, and targeting your audience. 

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