It can feel intimidating to be an artist in an online world. The online landscape is constantly changing, the algorithm can make things difficult, and it can be hard to reach potential clients. How do you get the most out of your online channels? Here are my best tips on how to navigate the online world as an artist, and succeed in it! 

Narrow Your Focus

Social media is the most powerful tool to use to attract new customers, however, there are so many platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Managing an online presence on every platform is a full-time job in and of itself. It’s best to just commit to one or two platforms and do them really well. As they say, quality over quantity. Instagram has become the top choice for artists as it’s the best one for posting photos, sharing a glimpse into your process, and connecting with collectors.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Did you know 92% of customers trust word-of-mouth over advertising? That’s why user-generated content is so valuable. Have your clients engage with you and your artwork through sharing photos and testimonials, using hashtags, and participating in giveaways. Engage with other artists yourself and share their work too – good karma goes a long way!

Share Special Offers

Sharing offers and promotions are a great way to ramp up sales. Everyone loves a discount! Do something like sharing a special discount code, host a one-day auction for an art piece, or run a giveaway. Find fun ways to get people excited about you and your brand. I recommend mixing this type of marketing into your regular content, keeping it fresh and attractive to new customers. 

Use Live Features

It can be scary and intimidating, but using live features on social media platforms is a great way to stand out. Share your process, go live from the craft store while shopping for supplies, or do an artwork reveal while being live! This type of interaction is authentic and helps people get to know you “behind-the-scenes”. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all have features for going live, so use these to stay connected with your audience. 

Share Your Process

Whether you make YouTube videos or detail your artwork through blog posts, sharing your process is essential for creating a strong online presence. You will get the attention of people looking for tutorials, art advice, or anything else related to your artwork. These short video tutorials or blogs will keep your audience engaged and involved, waiting to see the final outcome of your process.