Are you ready to take the next step in your business? While small challenges and one-on-one teaching can be profitable, there comes a time when you’ve reached your limit. Maybe you have too many clients or maybe you’re just burnt out. Memberships give you the ability to create a monthly recurring income for yourself while serving a much wider audience. If you have an idea and a vision, it’s the perfect way to scale your business! Here are some tips on getting it right so you can be successful with your business venture. 

Choose the Right Model

With a membership program, there are several models to choose from. What do your customers need from you? The three main types of membership business models include education, coaching, and community. Your model could even include a combination of several of the three. Memberships could include access to an expert coach or mentor (you!) along with a helpful peer environment, like a Facebook group. 

Grow with More Skills

A membership is a great way to deliver consistent, relevant content monthly. Customers are attracted to this highly valuable information and it also helps justify an ongoing membership. You want your customers to stick with you. You can get creative here with your content –  just make sure it’s what your members are wanting! 

Provide Access to You

Providing coaching and mentorship is key to a successful membership – you’re the expert! This works because you are providing a coaching experience that feels like private coaching, but is still in that group setting. This doesn’t mean you have to be on-call 24/7, but it does mean providing exceptional customer service, genuine connection, and making people feel supported on their journey. 

Create a Community

The main goal of a membership community is to connect people with common interests and also serve as an incentive to stay a member. In addition to your expert knowledge, members also have access to each other for questions and support. This works because everyone has a common goal.