If you’re unsure which social media platform to get started on, LinkedIn is a great one for networking with other professionals and making solid connections. It’s kind of like Facebook for your career, and you can think of it like a virtual networking space where you can meet with other professionals, talk about what you do, and “exchange” business cards. This might be the perfect place for you to get your small business out there and attract new customers. Read on for some tips for using LinkedIn for marketing! 

Join Groups (or Even Start One!)

LinkedIn offers groups for every interest – both professional and nonprofessional. Find some groups in your industry to join and connect with others. If there’s nothing that quite matches what you do, you can also start your own group! This is a great way to build lots of credibility and look like an expert in your field – just communicate what you know. 

Look for Events

There are many events posted on LinkedIn – both virtual events as well as local meet-and-greet events that you can attend in-person. Use this as a way to network with potential customers and your competition, as well as learn more about your industry. 

Collect and Offer Endorsements

Another great way to build your brand on LinkedIn is to gather as well as offer endorsements to others. There is a space on your profile for your endorsements, and others can recognize your skills and expertise in this spot. This works to provide proof that your business is credible, and the exchange is mutually beneficial as you are both getting positive recommendations. 

Post Content Often

Post useful, informative content so others find you and your business interesting. Your options are endless – you can share videos, images, infographics, blog posts, slideshows, and more. It’s best to come up with content that solves problems or answers questions that visitors to your page may have, making you look like a leader in your field. 

Engage Your Audience

Whether you’re just starting out or have been running your business for years, it’s so important to engage with your audience online. If you want people to notice your work, you need to be an active LinkedIn user. This means taking time to participate in conversations, respond to requests and messages, comment and share other people’s content, and just generally not being afraid to put yourself out there. Using LinkedIn for marketing may just be the perfect thing for connecting with your ideal client.