You have an idea, you have a dream, you have a talent – but, how do you get your business off the ground and running? Being an entrepreneur is a lifelong goal for many of us, but actually starting a business can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s time to be bold though! Let’s talk about some of the key things to do when starting your own business. 

Decide on a Business Structure

Choosing your business structure is a necessary task that determines how you will file your taxes and how it affects your personal assets if your business should have any issues. This is really the very first step to starting your own business. The most common is called a sole proprietorship, which is the default business structure where your business, personal assets, and liabilities are not separate. Another common structure is called a limited liability corporation (LLC), which protects your personal assets from the business’ liabilities. 

Take Care of the Legal Stuff

While it’s not the most exciting part of launching your dream job, it’s important to take care of the legal stuff. This means registering your business name, getting an EIN number, registering with state and local agencies, and applying for any licenses or permits. Every state has different rules and regulations for this, so it’s best to just do a quick Google search or talk with a trusted tax professional to iron out all the details. 

Generate Buzz

No one is going to care unless you care, so work on generating lots of buzz and excitement around your new business venture! Shout it from the rooftops (or your social media platforms!) and show people what you’re up to. This is really the most exciting part of starting your own business because your enthusiasm will make others pay attention, and that will give you the confidence to keep going.

Plan a Launch

Build a marketing schedule around the planned launch of your product, course, or whatever creative venture you’re taking on. Start off by figuring out your ideal client and target where they’re hanging out, whether that’s on a certain social media platform or in a Facebook group. Engage in conversations and share about your launch any chance that you get. Start building an email list and send out some blasts to get people hyped on what you’re doing. 

Just Do It!

Fear of failure holds us back from achieving a lot of our dreams. I believe in you though! You have the plans, the talent, and the dream. Together, we can help you make sales faster and easier through my proven system. I’m so excited to watch you succeed.