One of your main focuses as an artist and entrepreneur is to identify your customer – who are you selling to? What are their goals and interests? Where do they hang out online? Today, I’m sharing with you how to understand your ideal client so that you can market your business to the right people in the right places! 

Determine Who Your Ideal Client Is 

Create a customer persona, a fictional representation of who your ideal client is based on your previous buyers and assumptions. Is your ideal client young women who care about the environment and sustainable materials? Or is your ideal client older men who are into traveling and real estate? The more details, the better! You could potentially have multiple buyer personas who are interested in what you do. A great way to figure this out is to conduct a survey of your current clients – sending out a quick email survey with an incentive to complete is super beneficial to getting that relevant information. 

Cultivate a Personal Connection

After you’ve figured out your ideal client, how do you form a personal connection with them and attract even more? Start by making real connections with your buyers! Get on social media and share things about your inspirations, creative process, and things going on in your world. The content you share should align with things your ideal client is interested in, which should be easy since you and your customer should have some similarities. Figure out where they hang out the most and go there – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

Be Yourself

Don’t try to sell to everyone. Know your client and be yourself! Creating a strong brand with a consistent look to your website, social media, and materials helps you become recognizable to your customer. People like familiarity and will be more likely to connect with you when they know what to expect. 

Creating this kind of focus on your ideal customer will enrich your creative work with purpose. You are helping people accomplish their goals with your product! And, your product is resonating with the best people for you. Get out there, find them, and form a personal connection!