You did it all! You had a great idea, you recorded the videos, you created the PDF documents, you sent the email blasts – you did all the things. However, your launch failed. You thought creating an online membership would be simple and easy, however, there are some factors that are vital to the success of this business venture. Here are a couple reasons why it may not have worked. 

You Didn’t Plan

The number one reason that a launch fails is due to poor planning. You need to make sure that you know your ideal client. The technology aspect needs to work – how are people going to access your videos and documents? You need a sales page with high-quality written copy. There are lots and lots of pieces of the launch puzzle that you need to figure out before actually launching. Look at it as a big project and break it down into smaller chunks so that you feel confident when it’s time to launch. 

It Doesn’t Solve a Problem

You’re not selling a membership, you’re selling a solution to a problem. It needs to be clear that your membership is going to get your customer to where they need to be. It also needs to be worthwhile and priced correctly. It may be the solution, but the price may be just too high. Are your customers willing to pay for this? Talk to your clients first. Survey them. Make sure that this is what your audience wants and that it is worthwhile! 

You Don’t Know How to Teach Online

It sounds easy – record a couple of videos, charge a monthly fee and let the money come rolling in. However, you need to be able to actually teach online to make this successful! Teaching online is very different from teaching one-on-one or in a group setting. You really have to imagine that you’re speaking to a real person, even though you’re not. It’s also important to establish a community within the membership so there is genuine connection and engagement. 

Too Much Content

Yes, there is such a thing as too much content! People truly don’t have the time to go through hours and hours of teaching. Make your course concise and to the point. Less is more! Break it down into small, manageable chunks so that your participants feel like they are making progress. Create clear call-to-actions and a result at the end, so there is a strong sense of accomplishment. If you’d like to include more content, an extra resource library is a perfect place to do that.